The challenge of growth

Small business owners and managers face a huge number of challenges
when it comes to achieving growth and profitability.
Many business owners become tied up in fund raising, product refreshments, supplier negotiations etc..
This leaves little time for the real goal of any business, which is to sell stuff!
Mark has the experience and ability to support business owners in these hours of need – allowing them to focus on the important things and get their priorities into perspective

Invigorating Growth

Mark Crawford loves innovation and market challenges – and has had considerable success developing and launching market challenging products and ideas

To add considerable weight to the offering, Mark has brought together a highly experienced team of associated consultants (operating as Consultingmc) to help other small business owners to turn their hopes and dreams into reality.

Mark believes that understanding the pressures of business owners is crucial to success.

Having started his own company, being as well advised as possible is crucial – and Mark has worked with and attended training sessions with a variety of organisations, including Doug Richard and Smith & Williamson

Doug Richards' School for Startups provides business training for entrepreneurs, including business plans, securing investment, product management and marketing.